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Ergo Brake Lever

Ergo Brake Lever

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 Introducing the Ergo Brake Lever – Unmatched comfort and feel in braking.

    🌟 Unique Design: Drawing inspiration from bicycle trials, our unique lever offers an ergonomic 1-finger position that's designed to securely hold your finger, while minimizing snagged levers or crushed fingers. 

    🎯 Optimal Finger Positioning: The signature hook ensures that your finger consistently finds its perfect position, maximizing both comfort and control.

       Precision Braking: Engineered to balance modulation and braking force. 

      🚀 Built to Last: Machined with aerospace-grade 7075 aluminum, the Ergo Brake Lever is built tough. Its compact design stays tucked away, reducing the risk of impact and damage. 

      🔧 Compatibility: Fits all Braketec Master cylinders. Includes Lever and two high quality bushings.

      🛡️ Peace of Mind: With our 2 year warranty you're safeguarded against the unexpected. If you break it we'll send you a new one. *Purchase receipt is required. 

      🛠️ Installation: It's advisable not to over tighten the master cylinder handlebar mounting bolts (4-6NM). If possible use plumbers tape under the master cylinder clamps. This allows the master cylinder to pivot on the bar in the event of a crash, minimizing damage to both the lever and the cylinder. For installation on Beta master cylinders reuse the original metal bushing. 

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