Rear Brake Tip Installation

Rear Brake Tip Installation

Step by Step Installation instructions
  1. Remove old brake tip. Remove the rear brake arm from the bike. Although all steps below can be done with brake arm still on the bike, it’s much easier with the arm removed. 

  2. Remove rivet attachment. Turn the brake upside down and locate the bottom of the rivet pin. Use a grinder or drill to remove the rivet attachment.


  3. Remove Rivot. Once the rivet tip is removed, use a hammer and a screwdriver to tap the rivet out. Once out the old brake tip, and spring should fall out. Keep the spring, it will be reused. 

  4. Align Spring. Reuse the stock spring spring. Align one end of the spring into the small hole inside of the brake tip body. 

  5. Spacer Positioning. Place the brake tip onto the rear brake arm and determine spacer positioning. Take up excessive slack with spacer(s). 1-2mm gap is normal. *Note Vertigos will not accept spacers. 

  6. Mount Pin. Mount the bolt through the top of the brake tip body, then through brake arm, spring, and spacers.


  7. Add Retaining Clip. Once brake tip is fed through the tip, use the retainer clip to retain on the underside of the bolt. 

  8. Add Threadlocker. Install the adjustment screws, Using a threadlocker (non permanent) is recommended to avoid rattling loose. We recommend either Loctite or Permatex (blue).

  9. Install the brake arm. Reinstall brake arm back onto the bike. Note* the height of the tip is higher than stock due to angled cleat. Adjusting the brake arm lower with the plunger preload may be necessary. 

  10. Adjust your angles. Adjust the brake tip to the angle and position that is most comfortable. 


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