What riders are saying


"These levers feel money, I like them a ton. Took me a bit to dial in the clutch as it's weird that I can pull it to the bar now, but after 2hrs I was in love. Also, it feels like the clutch lever returns faster by a touch which was nice for big splatters!" - Kevin C


"I've used them twice and I gotta say, I like them.  I don't miss the extra adjustment from the Zeta.  They did take me one ride to get used to them, but I do prefer them over even what I liked best before which was the Zeta. And these fit perfectly without mods, unlike the Zeta.  Comparing to stock there's no comparison, the stock levers have zero thought into them and these just are far superior to stock." - Jon M 


When I installed the Brake tip I immediately noticed the rear brake became where my foot thought it should be. I'm getting brake action when I need it, not a second later. As a new rider I feel this is the best thing I've done for my bike (2013 Beta EVO). Great product. - David S


“I Just got a brake tip for my 2023 Gasgas. It was much needed. No more scary can’t find the rear brake moments. Super good build quality too.” - Rob V


"Never having to worry about crushing your finger between your levers and handlebar is a huge upside. A lot of newer riders would benefit from them as its one less thing to think about in the complex world of trials techniques. Not to mention they make any bike look so much better!" - Bobby S


"Awesome quality and great design. These levers fit my hands perfectly and improved my riding. Alex answered all my questions and offered outstanding information and support" - Alicia L


"These levers feel so good! I wouldn't want to ride a bike without one now, full game changer" - Remy M


"Can't believe how much my clutch control increased now thanks to these levers" - Jason G


"I am so stoked on the brake tip! I honestly cannot go back!" - Claire B


"Your levers are so awesome, now I wouldn't want to ride a bike without one." - Jake W