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Adjustable Rear Brake Tip

Adjustable Rear Brake Tip

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Ever wonder why your front brake lever has lots of adjustment for your finger but your rear brake has no adjustment for your foot?
Does that cause you to lose confidence when reaching for your brake?

Here is the solution.
  • Fully adjustable brake tip that can be positioned exactly where you want
  • Ultra grippy pad to ensure you never slip off.
  • Angled cleat profile to ensure a positive feel as you push on the pedal. Standard tips tilt downwards as you push, resulting in a insecure feeling.
  • Fits all bike models. (Does require the removal of old tip)
  • 7075 CNC aluminum for strength and durability.
  • Replaceable grip pad if you ride your bike so much it wears out.
  • Stop with confidence. Always reach that brake pedal!

What is included:

  • 1 Brake Tip Body
  • 1 Brake Tip Pad
  • 1 Countersunk bolt
  • 1 Adjuster screw
  • 2 Spacers

Installation Instructions HERE



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